Collect & Extract Knowledge

Zenreader comes with a state-of-the-art document reader and a powerful note taking engine, both designed to help you do background research rapidly and systematically.


Document Reader

The document reader makes it extremely easy to read documents and synthesise their contents, so that you can read the document once and never have to look at it again.

Glance at a document's figures, captions and tables. No more endless scrolling through documents. Rapidly decide whether you should invest time reading the document.

Powerful note taking


Take notes from your documents by selecting text, images and more. Add tags and comments so that you have ready-to-use knowledge that is automatically organised for you.

Learn more about Zenreader snippets

Import webpages

Import webpages into Zenreader and extract snippets from them. Zenreader downloads each page as a PDF, creating a snapshot of the page's contents for future reference.


Zenreader has Optical Character Recognition, meaning that you can convert scanned documents or images to selectable and editable text.


We are developing algorithms to analyse documents and snippets so that we can offer amazing features to boost your research and knowledge organisation tasks.

Organise & Deliver (your best work)

Zenreader helps you deliver your best work, 10x faster because it adopts a systematic and well tested approach.

Flexible organisation


Tag your snippets and documents, Zenreader organises them for you automatically. Quickly find everything, anywhere. Never lose your work again.

You can create as many tags as you need and group them together to have full flexibility.

Compose your work

Notes Outliner

Pull together your work by writing beautiful notes in the outliner. Drag and drop all your research and Zenreader takes care of the citations. With one click, you can go back to the original source documents, to review where information comes from.


With one click, Zenreader takes you back to the original location of each piece of research that you have extracted and used.


Export your work in Markdown, HTML, PDF and Word/LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Coming soon: Google Docs, OneNote & Evernote.

Drag & Drop Anything

Pulling your work together is fast. Drag & drop outlines or snippets into your notes, connecting together all of your work.

Find & Retrieve Knowledge

Zenreader comes with powerful search tools, making it very quick for you to find what you're looking for, whether it's something inside a document, a snippet you extracted 6 months ago or something you wrote in an outline.


Document Search Engine

Zenreader has lightning fast search across all the documents of a project. Find exactly what you're looking for without the need to scroll through hundreds of pages of text. Narrow down your search results without having to enter complex search queries.

Retrieve your work


Filter by tag(s), text, date and much more. Zenreader makes it very easy for you to access all of your work and retrieve everything that you have done.

Keyword Extraction

Zenreader extracts keywords out of documents and improves its search results with this information.

Textual Analysis

Zenreader helps make your writing more clear, simple and useful by giving you measures of readability, text complexity and identifying certain kinds of vague words.

Coming Soon: Multiple Devices

We are working on making Zenreader available on tablets as well.

Professional Productivity

Zenreader is packed with tools and techniques employed by the best teams and professionals. From Getting Things Done, to Agile (thank you Atlassian for the explanations!), to our own productivity hacks, Zenreader takes away time-wasters, letting you focus on what matters most: getting your work done.


Document Kanban

Zenreader lets you move your work forwards by helping you focus on what needs doing. Use Kanban columns to define your ideal workflow. Move your documents (and tasks) onto the right lists and get the most important stuff from "To Do" to "Done" first.

Don't break your flow

Task Lists

Zenreader comes with a rapid way to capture ideas, thoughts and tasks so that you don't get distracted, lose your flow or what is important to you.

Citations & Bibliography


Zenreader handles document references. Where possible, it automatically detects citation information. You can export citations in 1900+ academic styles. You can rapidly update document bibliographic information.

Custom Workspaces

You can adapt each workspace of Zenreader to your needs, placing the right tools for the job next to each other.


Zenreader comes with handy shortcuts to help you jump to the right screen or to rapidly open documents or notes.

Encrypted Data

You have the option to encrypt all the data you produce with Zenreader, when it is stored locally on your machine.




  • 1 Workspace
  • Limited Highlighting
  • 5 Tags
  • Limited Exports
  • Unlimited Drafts
  • Some Productivity Modules
  • Basic Support

Premium Subscription

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Highlight Text, Images & More
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Full Export
  • Unlimited Drafts
  • All Productivity Modules
  • Full Support
  • Prioritised Feature Requests

Lifetime Premium

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Limited offer until March 2021: Purchase a personal license for you to use on your own devices.

Get access to all of the features of Zenreader premium for a lifetime.

This offer is limited to the current major version 2.x, with access to all minor version updates.

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General Free Premium
Workspaces 1 Unlimited
Workspace Documents Unlimited Unlimited
Support Basic Prioritised feature requests
File Types
Encrypted PDF
Metadata Detection
Import Bibliographies BibTex, RefMan, EndNote BibTex, RefMan, EndNote
Word Plugin*
Google Docs Plugin*
Text Highlights
Image Clippings 3 per document Unlimited
Image to Text
Highlight Comments
Highlight go-to location+
Highlight Paraphrasing
Text Search
Narrow Search Results
Highlights Search
Multi-document text search
Scanned document search*
Highlight go-to location*
Highlight Paraphrasing
Tags 5 Unlimited
Tag Colors 10 40
Highlight Tags 1 per Highlight Unlimited
Nested Tags
Folder Organisation*
Export Options Limited Full
Google Docs
Draft Outlines Unlimited Unlimited
Outline Rows Unlimited Unlimited
Row Types All All
Row Styling Full Full
Cited Highlights Unlimited Unlimited
Export Options Limited Full
Export Nested Outlines
Writing Stats
Tasks 5 / project Unlimited
Kanban Boards 3 Columns Unlimited
History of Work
Time Tracking
Platforms & Cloud
Linux Coming soon Coming soon
Android Coming soon Coming soon
iOS Coming soon Coming soon
Web Coming soon Coming soon
Device Sync ^ Coming soon Coming soon
Collaboration ^ Coming soon Coming soon
Pricing Free
Monthly Price - £9.99 / month
Annual Price - £7.49 / month
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* Coming Soon

+ Go from a highlight to the original location in the document, with one click

^ Cloud sync & collaboration to be realeased end 2020/early 2021

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What our users have to say

Zenreader has enabled many happy users to do their best work: overdelivering, in less time, having more fun!

I would recommend the software to anyone working on grant applications. There are advantages if you’re working alone but it really excels when you work in teams.

I've been using Zenreader to take and organise notes from papers for my ongoing research projects. Using Zenreader, it's now much quicker and easier to determine how evidence from multiple sources fits together. Thankfully, gone are the days of losing handwritten notes on printouts!

Jacob Smith Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California Irvine

Zenreader helped me understand in a better and more organized way the knowledge I processed during my dissertation-writing period. This reduced my stress and gave me more confidence in my work.

Dimitra Master’s Dissertation in Medicine, University College London

Avoiding Plagiarism

Zenreader helps you to avoid unintentional plagiarism by keeping track of where your snippets come from.

Find out how