For Students

Be more productive and learn faster

Zenreader supports students to deliver their thesis on time with excellent results and less stress. By having a state of the art knowledge capture engine, designed with productivity in mind, you make swift progress by keeping all your research insights in one place.

Faster Learning

Picking the right tools and developing the right skillsets, early on.

Study & Research tools

Continue reading this page to find out how Zenreader can support you during your studies.

Better results

Add Zenreader as a tool to your existing workflow to improve your productivity & produce better coursework.

For Supervisors & Support Staff

Support your students with state-of-the-art research software & research training.

Increased Productivity

Zenreader is packed with tools and techniques employed by the best teams and professionals. From Getting Things Done, to Agile (thank you Atlassian for the explanations!), to our own productivity hacks, Zenreader takes away time-wasters, letting you focus on what matters most: getting your work done.


Kanban boards

Zenreader lets you move your work forwards by helping you focus on what needs doing. Use Kanban columns to define your ideal workflow. Move your documents (and tasks) onto the right lists and get the most important stuff from "To Do" to "Done" first.

Don't break your flow

Task lists

Zenreader comes with a rapid way to capture ideas, thoughts and tasks so that you don't get distracted, lose your flow or what is important to you.



The activity history will show you everything that you have done. It is often very useful to be able to find out when we read a specific document, especially when we are doing research and we want to recall where we read some piece of information that we didn't find relevant before, but that now is very important to us.


Unintentional plagiarism

Most students who don't use Zenreader end up forgetting to carry over the citation when typing their notes in their note taking tools, which leads to A) unintentional plagiarism or B) a lot of time spent trying to locate the original source.

Find out how Zenreader prevents unintentional plagiarism.

Citations & Bibliography


Zenreader handles document references. Where possible, it automatically detects citation information. You can export citations in 1900+ academic styles. You can rapidly update document bibliographic information.

Use Zenreader alongside your favourite reference manager and import your from the following formats: BibTex, EndNote Library, RefMan.

Custom Workspaces

You can adapt each workspace of Zenreader to your needs, placing the right tools for the job next to each other.


Zenreader comes with handy shortcuts to help you jump to the right screen or to rapidly open documents or notes.

Encrypted Data

You have the option to encrypt all the data you produce with Zenreader, when it is stored locally on your machine.

Less Stress

When working in Zenreader each action has a purpose and moves you closer to your goal.

Continuous progress

Our users report that reviewing a paper and taking notes in Zenreader allows them to produce immediately useful results.

With Zenreader's improved organisation and systematic note-taking approach, you are always making progress and doing something substantial.

Clarity and focus = less stress


Within a Zenreader project, you immediately get feedback of your progress, how much work you are doing and how much needs doing.

With its project management features, Zenreader avoids you getting lost and helps you choose what to focus on next, especially when a project grows.

Import Bibliographies

Import your existing work from your favourite reference managers.

Integrated workflow

Use Zenreader as an additional tool that focuses on building your knowledge base.

Coming Soon: Multiple Devices

We are working on making Zenreader available on tablets as well.

Systematic Methodology

Zenreader encourages you to apply a rigorous and systematic methodology when reading papers, making highlights and organising your knowledge.

Deliberate organisation

Zenreader makes you really think about what you're highlighting as you assign a main tag. This helps in creating immediately useful notes.

Capture all your understanding

Multiple perspectives

When reading the same documents with different "lenses" you can capture many different layers of understanding and quickly review all your knowledge on a topic and across papers.

Immediately useful notes

Less repetition

With Zenreader, each highlight becomes a ready-to-use piece of knowledge, organised by you and ready to be used in your reports and written documents. Because the note taking is so systematic and effective, our users don't need to re-read papers multiple times and they never lose their notes/work and can always go from their notes to the original document with one click.

Fast ready-to-use outputs

Powerful exports

Quickly create reports by exporting a subset of your notes (ie exporting by a specific tag, or group of tags).

With Zenreader, you can go from reading and note taking to a coherent narrative up to 9x faster when compared to using other software tools.

Nested Tags

You can nest tags, creating powerful ways of organising your notes.


Export your work in Markdown, HTML, PDF and Word/LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Coming soon: Google Docs, OneNote & Evernote.

Drag & Drop Anything

Pulling your work together is fast. Drag & drop outlines or snippets into your notes, connecting together all of your work.

Academic support & training

Our team provides training & support on productivity & personal techniques as well as how to manage time, developing the right skills

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What our users have to say

Zenreader has enabled many happy users to do their best work: overdelivering, in less time, having more fun!

I would recommend the software to anyone working on grant applications. There are advantages if you’re working alone but it really excels when you work in teams.

I've been using Zenreader to take and organise notes from papers for my ongoing research projects. Using Zenreader, it's now much quicker and easier to determine how evidence from multiple sources fits together. Thankfully, gone are the days of losing handwritten notes on printouts!

Jacob Smith Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California Irvine

Zenreader helped me understand in a better and more organized way the knowledge I processed during my dissertation-writing period. This reduced my stress and gave me more confidence in my work.

Dimitra Master’s Dissertation in Medicine, University College London