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Dimitra, Master’s Dissertation in Medicine, University College London

About Dimitra

Dimitra is now working as a Data Manager at the Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL (Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology). She used Zenreader for completing the literature review research for her Master’s dissertation at University College London (UCL).

Zenreader helped me understand in a better and more organized way the knowledge I processed during my dissertation-writing period. This reduced my stress and gave me more confidence in my work. Dimitra

Before Zenreader

During my medical studies in Greece I had experience of writing some scientific papers, but I had never written a dissertation before. Throughout my MSc year I had to write many scientific essays including my dissertation and I found it hard to collect the information I was looking for without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Before Zenreader, I read papers using standard PDF readers, copy-pasting useful information in a Word document that had relevant headings and subheadings. I then had to re-process this document, paraphrasing and adding citations. This would of course take me a lot of time and sometimes, I would forget to put the citation information and I had to spend a lot of time to go back to the documents and find the correct paper to cite.

After Zenreader

With Zenreader, I color-coded the different snippets and tagged them according to the section of my dissertation (eg. pink is for SECTION 1A: anatomy of the eye, blue is for 1B: physiology of the eye). I also paraphrased directly the parts of the text I wanted to use in the comments section under each snippet. In this way, Zenreader not only helped me to have ready-to-use and organized material for my dissertation, but also each time I wanted to go back to a paper to find something, I could just go back to my exported work and know exactly where to search, since all the information was now grouped correctly. Everything was less time consuming and less complex.

Alex, CEO & Founder at Tethir

About Alex

Over the years, Alex has been a co-founder and director at several high-tech companies. He has been successful in raising investment and securing several research grants from the UK government. He used Zenreader to conduct background research to support a grant application.

I would recommend the software to anyone working on grant applications. There are advantages if you’re working alone but it really excels when you work in teams. Alex

Before Zenreader

I have spent several long weeks writing grant applications. Great applications come with a breadth of background information and research, to support the application and make the case for innovation.

Before Zenreader, I was reading papers using a standard PDF reader or web pages directly. It took me a long time to copying and pasting background information into word documents. Invariably I ended up with the wrong paragraphs and would need to return to the original document, which would take time to find. It was also difficult to share paragraphs with colleagues who may be used to different collation methods.

After Zenreader

This time, with Zenreader, the whole process was better. The most important benefit was that the quality of the research improved as it became easier to collaborate with colleagues.

Everything was organised and easy to find. Being able to split the research into categories relevant to the various questions on the grant application made it much easier to see the relevance and forward to others. As I was highlighting and extracting information, I would paraphrase it immediately by using the comments section of the snippets. I tagged each snippet by the topic and section, so that when it came to exporting my work, we all had the framework of our application ready. Zenreader reduced the inefficiencies of the task because it forced good habits and made them easy to do. The backup measures by Zenreader meant that I could trust the software not to lose any work, which after days of trawling and compiling is an important feature, particularly if your PC is prone to crashing.