What are Zenreader Snippets?

Snippets are stand-alone bits of information stored in Zenreader. They consist of a core piece of information (such as a highlight, thought or image) and are then enriched with: comments, tags, citation information.

Multiple data types

Extract different types of knowledge

While you read documents you will find pieces of information that are interesting and important to you. Extract text and images, saving them as snippets. Paraphrase the original content, so that you have ready-to-use knowledge in your project.

Capture your thoughts and comments as you read, by adding note snippets on documents.

Immediate organisation

Organise immediately with tags

Pick a main tag for each extract that you make. Add as many other tags as you need, so that your knowledge is immediately organised and can always be accessed in the future.

Tags make it possible for you to find information again, especially in large projects. There is no more a need of huge bloated documents with all your information and research, that are extremely difficult to navigate and make use of.

Capture your thoughts

Create usable & actionable knowledge

Add notes and comments to your snippets, capturing why that information is important, relevant or how it should be used. Most of us take notes without answering these questions, making much of our notes hard to use or act upon in the future.

Reduce the amount of work you have to repeat, by being more thorough and systematic right from the start. The extra 5-10 seconds required to add comments will save you hours.


0-click citations & no unintentional plagiarism

Zenreader knows the location in the original source document where the snippet was created. Zenreader automatically handles citations for you and, with one click, it takes you from your notes to the original source document, saving you loads of time wasted opening and searching documents to find out where that note came from.

Learn how Zenreader avoids unintentional plagiarism

Use everywhere

Snippets are the building blocks of your knowledge. Once created, use them as many times as you need in your outlines, documents. Export them, update them.

Snippets allow you to read once, extract once and re-use as many times as needed. Don't waste time repeating work ever again.