Leapian - Trust & Security

We empower people around the world to do their best work: earning and keeping your trust is crucial for this effort to work.

Privacy at Leapian

Privacy is extremely important to us. At Leapian, we are frustrated when we use products and services that violate our privacy."

As outlined in our Privacy Notice, we collect some information and data about you. However, we want to be very clear about what we do with the data and the boundaries we have put in place to ensure your privacy is maintained."

You own your data

All the work that you do using our products and services is owned by you. We do not have access to the content that you produce:

  • When we collect product and service usage statistics (aggregated, anonymous), we only collect information about the actions that are taken. No information about the content of the action is taken. I.e. We track how many highlights or annotations are made on documents, or how many documents are imported into a Zenreader project, however, we do not know what was highlighted, what is the content of each document.
  • All of the work that you produce is stored locally on your machine. Any data that is uploaded to our servers (for providing cloud synchronisation features) is encrypted using the highest industry standards, making it not possible for anyone to look at the content.

Security measures

We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest.

Data Encryption

All customer data stored within Leapian cloud products and services is encrypted in transit over public networks to protect it from unauthorized disclosure or modification.

We encrypt your data at rest when it is stored on our servers. Data encryption at rest helps guard against unauthorized access and ensures that data can only be accessed by authorized roles. Data stored locally on your machine is not currently encrypted.

Product Vulnerability Management

While we consistently strive to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in our products, we recognize that they are, to an extent, an inevitable part of the development process.