New updates and improvements to Zenreader.

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Version 2.1.11 - 11th November 2022

Tag Lists Export/Import

Added a new Feature that allows the users to export and import their tag lists. You can find the feature in the Tags Panel in the newly added menu button. This functionality will export a .ztags file to your desired location and you can import that to any of you projects.

Changed the default selection mode to be the arrow selection instead of the hand. The hand now

Other Changes

  • We have done some updates to the structure of the Outliner that will let us easily add more functionality in the future
  • We have done some updates to the documents. We have done those changes to prepared documents to be expanded with more functionality in the future
  • We have performed a lot of refactoring to update Zenreader to use the best practises and also to let us handle the upcoming cloud update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some values in the UI that were not appearing correctly
  • Amended a lot of typo fixes through the software
  • Added some missing translation strings

Version 2.1.10 - 8th February 2022

Fixed a bug that would cause Zenreader to crash when opening an older project

Fixed a bug that prevented some users from opening projects created before version 2.1.9 and caused Zenreader to crash. While preparing Zenreader's data for the cloud feature we had to create a migration of the project data from an older version to a new one. This migration caused Zenreader to crash for the people that had used the Tasks Kanban boards.

Version 2.1.9 - 2nd February 2022

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Fixed the order of the exported markings

After your suggestions, we have identified and fixed the issue where the exported markings when grouped by document were exported in the incorrect position and incorrect page order.

Fixed issue with the cite key when importing .bib files

Another important bug we fixed on this release was a bug where the cite key was not correctly imported when importing a citation. Previously the citations in the .bib files were ignored by Zenreader and replaced with a {uuid}. Zenreader now correctly reads and accepts the cite key. In case duplicates are detected, Zenreader adds a small incremental letter to distinguish duplicates.

New Features

  • We have added a Changelog page on our website. You can open the Changelog page from Zenreader preferences.
  • There is now a small button on Zenreader preferences panel that you can click to close the panel.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where newly created highlights would appear in the incorrect position in the Markings sidebar panel.
  • Very long Document file names are now cut shorter and don’t break the user interface layout.

Other Changes

  • In the highlight popup panel, the first 5 default highlight colours would appear again later on in the list of available tags that you could use to create the highlight. We have removed the duplication, so those base colours appear only once as an option.

Version 2.1.8 - 18th January 2022

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Document Inbox system

Introduced the inbox system which allows you to group documents into 3 “containers”: the Inbox, the Read Later, the Archive. You can enable the Inbox system from the preferences screen. Once this is done, in the Documents Screen toolbar, you will be able to see the three inboxes. You can snooze a document to read at a later date, or archive documents that you are done with so that you can focus on a subset of documents to work with.

New Document Inspector Panel

The Document Inspector panel is now split into 3 tabs. The Info tab shows the detailed information of the document and includes a box to type a custom document summary. The Citation tab has all the fields for editing the document’s bibliographic information. The Markings tab is where you can see all the document’s highlights and notes.

Document Blurb

Zenreader now extracts a document blurb (the first 200 words) and the full word count of the document, making this information available in the List, Table and Kanban views in the Documents screen. From the settings, you can customise your reading speed, which will now automatically update the estimated time required to read the document.

Other Features

  • It is now possible to rename a project directly from the Home/Welcome Screen in Zenreader
  • It is now possible to rename a document file from the Document screen or the Document Inspector Panel. In the Inspector panel, you now need to choose the Info tab
  • The Document Info widget in the inspector panel now shows many more fields
  • Newly imported documents have a “New” tag visible in the Documents screen. This label stays there for 48 hours or until the first highlight is made
  • Document sorting: it is now possible to sort documents by the date they were imported, the length of the document, the last time they were read. The sorting is available in all views in the Documents screen
  • Documents have two new properties: the last date & time the document was read and the date & time the document was imported. For existing projects, the imported date-time will be set to the instant you load the project the next time you open Zenreader
  • Opening documents in the reader: you can now quickly open documents (with one click) in the Reader with two options, 1) staying in the Documents screen or 2) going to the Reader screen after the document is opened
  • When a document is being read in the Reader, there now is a green open book icon showing which documents are being Read in the Documents screen (in the List, Table and Kanban views)
  • The Reader screen now has a placeholder when no documents are open that allows you to quickly open recently read documents
  • Document Kanban items can now be moved across columns when you are using the search bar
  • When a Kanban item is dropped onto a column, the border now changes colour to show that it was recently dropped
  • The Document List view now presents the document blurb, summary or abstract in this order of priority. If none are available a short placeholder text is displayed
  • Importing BibTeX from Mendeley, Zotero or Paperpile now detects whether the bib contains pointers to the PDF files in the file system at the time of export. These files are now automatically imported into Zenreader


  • Implemented Fractional Indexing algorithm which allows for the successful cloud sync of ordered lists (outline documents, Kanban columns), so that two users end up seeing the same exact order of items after sync
  • The List, Table and Kanban items have been re-structured: more fields are presented and the layout is improved. This allows much more flexibility and control with the available actions in your documents
  • The Tags module has been rewritten fully in order to make the data easily synced with the cloud and for collaboration projects. Visually, you should experience a few changes (see notes below)
  • Tags colour change popup panel is now anchored correctly and won’t disappear off-screen in certain conditions
  • Duplicate tags are now allowed (same tag name and tag colour). There is a feature to merge all duplicate tags in case you wish to get rid of duplicates
  • The Welcome/Home screen has been laid out again to have more space so that on smaller screens you can see the projects list
  • Kanban items can now be dragged across columns but not within columns: the items are automatically sorted with the sort rules that you can choose from the toolbar
  • Zenreader should ask for the login password much less frequently now

Bug Fixes

  • The analysis of PDF documents was not always happening when a file was attached to a citation that didn’t have a file
  • Creating new tasks used to have the due date set to today, this is now removed, so no due date is automatically set