Who we are

The power of knowledge

Behind every great human achievement, there is research, hard work and finding creative new ways of addressing complex problems.

Our products help people collect, organise and access their knowledge through the power of software and learning methodologies.

Our mission is to help unleash the full potential of each person to solve their challenges without spending all day working.

What we do


We research & develop learning methodologies (such as speed reading, knowledge organisation, memorisation) and integrate them in software so that people have access to them.


We create tools, methods and techniques that are proven to speed up learning and output production times.

We develop software that enables individuals/users to get things done by harnessing the full power of modern technology (and having fun while doing it!).


Our technology makes use of smart algorithms that empower us become more efficient and effective. This technology is designed to help users focus on what makes them human: the ability to take decisions, build connections, create.

The user is left 100% of the choice of where to make connections and to pick what is relevant to them. We will never build auto-summarising; auto-completion; auto-anything. Ever.


We are working on creating a community of learners who want to have an impact and develop their lifelong learning skills.

We are also working on creating an extracurricular programme that teaches students valuable life skills such as meditation, personal development, coaching & study skills.

CEO & Co-Founder

Carlo Minciacchi

Carlo's background is in information Engineering and international development. He is responsible for commercial and product development activities.

He has a strong interest for anything involving personal development, self-improvement, questioning the status quo, sustainable development.

CTO & Co-Founder

Marco Minciacchi

Marco is an early childhood methodology teacher (Glenn Doman method, Suzuki music method) and has over 35 years of enterprise software development experience.

When he founded Leapian he wanted to capture his learnings, methodologies and experiences with lifelong learning through technology, thus enabling other motivated learners to take their own learning goals and responsibilities in their hands.

Software Engineer

John Lioupas

John's background is in Automation Engineering and Robotics. He is responsible for software development and cloud administration.


Viv Taylor

Viv Taylor

Executive Advisor

Viv works in partnership with founders and senior executives in the entrepreneurial space to help develop stategies for self management through transformational change - including navigating new ways of working.

Tirdad Sooroshian

Tirdad Sooroshian


Tirdad is an Organisation Development specialist, an executive & team coach and a people-centric change facilitator with over 22 years’ experience in bringing change and improving performance in organisations.

We'd love to hear from you

Contact us whether you have a question about features, pricing, trial, need a demo, want new functionality or anything else. We are here to help and answer any question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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