• Your helping hand
    for written assignments
    Zenreader helps you take better notes, add referenced
    evidence and write your assignment in a fraction of the time.

Work with smarter documents

Use Zenreader’s smart algorithm to deciphers your document’s structure, automatically identifying figures, heading and tables.

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Zenreader document analysis

Never repeat note taking

Zenreader’s highlights keep track of their source location, meaning you never lose track of where your notes come from

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Zenreader highlights

Organise notes as you read

Tag your highlights easily as you take them, assigning them to relevant sections or arguments

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Zenreader highlight tagging

Pull together your assignment in no time

Turn your notes into an outline and export with citations automatically

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Professor at UCL with 25+ years of research & teaching experience (April 2019):

“I was able to grade a PhD thesis of 180 pages, providing a report with my comments, in an afternoon. Zenreader saved me time, enabled me to be very systematic in my approach and allowed me to do a much more robust and complete job.I might have done too much.”

UCL Master’s Student in Medical research programme (May 2019):

“I used Zenreader to read and take notes on all of the literature for my dissertation. Instead of spending over 60 hours using Word and PDF documents to create the draft for the background reading, I used Zenreader to achieve the same output in 22 hours. It helped me do more, produce my draft in one single pass and helped me navigate the complexity of the project much better than without the tool. Many more of my colleagues should be using this and I will need it for the DPhil I am starting in September at Oxford university.”

Warwick Engineering PhD student:

“I always found organising my notes from my literature reviews really challenging and I often felt like I was wasting my time when I did this kind of work. With Zenreader, I feel productive whenever I sit down to read a new document and I know that none of my effort will be in vain”

Nathan, CSO at Leapian:

“I used Zenreader to extract the key information from over a dozen business strategy books. Not only did this save my time compared to copying information into a new document, but now the whole team can make use of my output, whilst easily returning to the original source, saving them from having to do the same work all over again”

Early Access

We want to work with ambitious people and organisations, to drive faster innovation.

Early Access Details

What is Early Access

The Early Access program is designed to collect qualitative feedback from testers on the extent to which they would use Zenreader as a learning tool for their academic studies.

What do you get by signing for Early Access

  • Access to Zenreader free of charge for the durations of the trial period
  • Full Customer Support: Leapian will provide tech support on the Software. Tech support will include:
    • Answering any generic questions on the software and on how to best use the features/tools of the Software
    • Technical support for bugs and issues of the Software
  • Training: a member of Leapian’s team will provide an onboarding training session

What we would like from you

  • To complete a 10-15 minute training session with a member of Leapian’s team in person or, should this not be possible, to complete the training session online
  • To give 5 minutes per week or every 10 days for a phone conversation to review the software and bugs etc

Early Access signup form

, thank you for signing up as a beta tester. You should receive an email shortly, if not, please contact team@leapian.com
We are signing you up, this may take a few seconds. If this is unsuccessful, please contact us at team@leapian.com

Get Involved

We want to work with ambitious people and organisations, to drive faster innovation.

What we are looking for

R & D Partnerships

We are looking for various partnership organisations:

  • Machine Learning experts, to work on our algorithms
  • Pedagogy experts, to contribute on learning skills developments

Our projects are extremely ambitious and we are looking for ambitious programmers who can join us.

How to get involved

We are looking for various types of partners: technical, research or product development. Please get in touch at team @ leapian.com and let's see if there is scope to work together.