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Zenreader is built for you to collect, organise and access your knowledge so that you can produce great work in less time.

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1| Import documents

Import PDFs & webpages into a Zenreader project. Zenreader helps you manage your references.

2| Create Snippets

Read, extract text, images & more as snippets. Capture your thoughts and ideas as you read.

3| Tag & Organise

Create tags and add them to snippets, so that everything can be found and is automatically organised for you.

4| Draft & Export

Pull together all of your work into outline notes. Export ready to use work.

Productivity, with no cut corners

10x faster without compromising quality

Zenreader is an all-in-one software that packs together the best of document reading, note taking, knowledge management & productivity.

Zenreader enables a smarter way of working with knowledge, designed to be 10x faster but still enabling you to produce great work.


All your documents in one place

Create a project and import PDFs & webpages. Zenreader automatically detects the bibliographic information for you, where possible. Tag your documents to easily organise them.


Take utterly smart notes

Take notes from your documents by selecting text, images and more. Add tags and comments so that you have ready-to-use knowledge that is automatically organised for you.

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No more unintentional plagiarism
Sort & retrieve

Organise immediately with tags

Tag your snippets and documents, Zenreader organises them for you automatically. Quickly find everything, anywhere. Never lose your work again.

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Compose effortlessly

Deliver great work beyond expectations

Pull together your research and deliver it effortlessly. Your research material is always at hand and you can open it right next to your work. Drag and drop your notes, go back to your sources with one click and don't worry about citations, they're automatically added for you.

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What our users have to say

Zenreader has enabled many happy users to do their best work: overdelivering, in less time, having more fun!

I would recommend the software to anyone working on grant applications. There are advantages if you’re working alone but it really excels when you work in teams.

I've been using Zenreader to take and organise notes from papers for my ongoing research projects. Using Zenreader, it's now much quicker and easier to determine how evidence from multiple sources fits together. Thankfully, gone are the days of losing handwritten notes on printouts!

Jacob Smith Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California Irvine

Zenreader helped me understand in a better and more organized way the knowledge I processed during my dissertation-writing period. This reduced my stress and gave me more confidence in my work.

Dimitra Master’s Dissertation in Medicine, University College London

Left your work to the last minute?
No problem, we have you covered.

Using Zenreader you adopt a systematic and well-tested approach to doing research and pulling everything together for an assigment. Because everything is in one place, you can work 10x faster than using conventional methods.

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