our mission & vision

Our vision is for human society to be made of happy, creative, problem-solving individuals, who have the ability and freedom to grow and discover their full potential.

Our mission is to figure out the best ways for people to develop their skills, unleash their full potential and live joyous lives, the way they want to live them.

Why we exist

At Leapian we have developed a philosophy behind why we do what we do and it revolves around a few key issues that we aim to address.

For us, happiness is the ability to enjoy every single moment, no matter the situation and what we are doing. We all have to ‘work’ so let’s make sure that everyone has access to enjoyable meaningful work. We believe that happiness (not at the expense of others) and satisfaction are the highest aims for people in life.

All of the challenges outlined below are interrelated and at Leapian we believe that in solving them we can fulfil our vision and mission.

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Universal Challenges

Challenge 1. The reality for many people is that most of the time spent working or learning is miserable. When we enjoy what we are doing and how we are doing it, then that makes quality time that leads to happiness. We need ways to maximise the amount of enjoyment in the work that we do.

Challenge 2. There are several tried and tested methodologies and skills that once developed allow us to unleash our full potential. However, these are rarely taught during our learning careers. By incorporating these methodologies in our work, our productivity increases and enjoyment is higher.

Challenges in Education

Challenge 3. Few people have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives (ie. what schools, universities, jobs they go to). To have this freedom, we need:

  1. Performance record [eg. good grades];
  2. Have spent time doing extra-curricular activities that are interesting to you (which means you have developed several other skills beyond job performance);
  3. Know at least 2 languages;
  4. Have developed good social & communication skills.

Challenge 4. Machines will automate and replace several jobs.

Challenge 5. We spend too much time indoors, behind screens and in environments that stifle our creativity and ability to develop ourselves. This is especially the case for students in a classroom setting.

how are we addressing the challenges above?

Learning methods + technology

We research & develop learning methodologies (such as speed reading, knowledge organisation, memorisation) and integrate them in software so that people have access to them.

Software Tools

We create tools, methods and techniques that are proven to speed up learning and output production times.

We develop software that enables individuals/users to get things done by harnessing the full power of modern technology (and having fun while doing it!).

Innovative Technologies

Our technology makes use of smart algorithms that empower us become more efficient and effective. This technology is designed to help users focus on what makes them human: the ability to take decisions, build connections, create.

The user is left 100% of the choice of where to make connections and to pick what is relevant to them. We will never build auto-summarising; auto-completion; auto-anything. Ever.

Community of Learners

We are working on creating a community of learners who want to have an impact and develop their lifelong learning skills.

We are also working on creating an extracurricular programme that teaches students valuable life skills such as meditation, personal development, coaching & study skills.

Key People

Carlo , Founder & CEO

MA (Hons) MEng Cambridge University

Carlo's background is in information Engineering and international development. He is responsible for commercial and product development activities.

He has had a strong interest for anything involving personal development, self-improvement, questioning the status quo, sustainable development.

Marco , Founder & CTO

BA La Sapienza

Marco is an early childhood methodology teacher (Glenn Doman method, Suzuki music method) and has over 35 years of enterprise software development experience.

When he founded Leapian he wanted to capture his learnings, methodologies and experiences with lifelong learning through technology, thus enabling other motivated learners to take their own learning goals and responsibilities in their hands.



Viv is a coach and personal advisor to Carlo, founder at Leapian.

Viv works in partnership with founders and senior executives in the entrepreneurial space to help develop stategies for self management through transformational change - including navigating new ways of working.


Founder Acclaria

Tirdad is supporting Leapian through his expertise and coaching support in all aspects of personal growth, Organisation Development and challenging business thinking.

Tirdad is an Organisation Development specialist, an executive & team coach and a people-centric change facilitator with over 22 years’ global, practical experience in bringing about effective change and improving overall performance in organisations.

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At our email: service @ leapian.com
Unit S11, Shakespeare Business Centre
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